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From:David Gingerich Date:March 16 2010 4:52am
Subject:Suddenly a database connection error
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I need some help, I have run out of ideas on how to correct this and any
pointers from the community would be helpful.

Macbook (Intel), Snow Leopard 10.6.2, 4gb ram
MySQL 5.5 Community Ed, PHP 5.3 (stock with 10.6), Apache (stock w/10.6),
Eventum 2.2. I also have SugarCRM (Community Edition) loaded as well.

The issue: Suddenly, I am get "Database Error: Problem connecting to the
database server."

I was able to load Eventum and populate it with a few items and now I get
the db connection problem.

I am able to logon to the database via MySQL Administrator and via command
line console. I have stop/started MySQL, attempted to access with firewall
off (testing if the firewall was blocking). Ran the port scan to make sure
the 3306 was open (it was.) I am able to access my other php/MySQL apps,
just not Eventum.

My php.ini is default with exception of path is set to:
session.save_path = "/tmp"

My Eventum config file looks like this:

// definitions of SQL variables
define('APP_SQL_DBTYPE', 'mysql');
define('APP_SQL_DBHOST', 'localhost');
define('APP_SQL_DBPORT', 3306);
define('APP_SQL_DBNAME', 'eventum');
define('APP_SQL_DBUSER', 'eventum');
define('APP_SQL_DBPASS', '<password here>');

My apache2 error log looks clean with exception of the dynCalendar.css

Any ideas? What am I missing?

Suddenly a database connection errorDavid Gingerich16 Mar
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