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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:November 10 2004 2:30pm
Subject:RE: A general help on Eventum
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> I have two other question then I think we are going for Eventum.
> 1.) On the top corner its always shows eventum. Can it be 
> changed? I mean I 
> would like to show my company name?

Yes, go into "Administration -> General Setup", and change the "Tool Caption"
field to whatever you want it to be displayed on the top of the page. This will
also be displayed in the login form.

> 2.) First time when eventum is installed, and I being 
> administrator add 
> users like: Viewer, Reporter, Standard User, Developer, Manager, 
> Administrator. Now as I see, only user created using 
> Administrator and 
> Developer roles can add issues. I consider my BETA TESTERS as 
> Reportted and 
> they should also be able to report issues? Am I missing 
> something here. 

That's correct, your beta testers can be setup as Reporters, and that permission
level will allow them to create new tickets.

> Also, if I go and Create a issue, I only get Category, 
> Priority, Assignment 
> , Summary, Description. I want to select the version of the 
> project also?

We call the version field you want as the "Release". And yes, you should be able
to use that field in the report-issue-form. Just go in the administration
section, add some releases, and they will be available from the report form.

> I also want general public to view all the issues and its 
> related discussion 
> but not the developer to which it is assigned to.
> Can I do it with eventum?

Sure. There is a feature called "Open Account Signup" in "Administration ->
General Setup", which will basically enable a signup form so people can create
their own Eventum accounts. You can then say that all users that create their
own accounts are Viewer-type users, and you can assign those users to specific


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