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From:Bryan Alsdorf Date:December 11 2009 5:27pm
Subject:Re: Out of office messages, mass deletion
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Hi Ruan,

Ruan Fourie wrote:
> Hi I have two questions,
> First off, if I want to mass delete issues from eventum, can I just 
> remove them from the issues table or will it cause other problems?

There is a script on the wiki to delete from the relevant tables:

> Second, I am having problems with loops on out-of-office messages and 
> would like to know how to get past it if anybody perhaps had the same 
> problem. There seems to be some sort of fix for 2.2 (which is what I am 
> running) but this morning I had over 1000 issues created after last 
> night with one guy's email that had an out-of-office reply on (from 
> there the mass deletion attempt). From: 
> *
> Added Precedence: Bulk header to emails to prevent out of office 
> replies. Fixes #34466 (Bryan) *

Sorry for the loop, that would be annoying!

You can see the specific change here, it is very simple and can be merged into your 
existing installation (one line):

However, not all mail systems honor the header and still send Out of Office replies.

There is additional code in the mail_api class, method named isVacationAutoResponder which

checks if a message is a responder, perhaps that wasn't catching it (due to missing 
headers). You can modify this method to catch any emails you like.

Best Regards,
Bryan Alsdorf, Lead Web Developer
Monty Program, AB.
Out of office messages, mass deletionRuan Fourie11 Dec
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