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From:Susanne Chau Date:November 16 2009 9:05am
Subject:Re: Questions about Eventum
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Hi Bryan,

Thanks! This was really good news! I will try it out and let you know if
it isn't working.

Best regards,

Bryan Alsdorf wrote:
> Hi Susanne,
> Susanne Chau wrote:
>> Hi Bryan,
>> The feature I was expecting was actually that when I select to "archive"
>> a project, the project should be closed and user should not see this
>> project in their list of available projects anymore and thus not being
>> able to report additional issues to this project.
>> Another important feature is that even when project is archived, it
>> should still be possible to check what issues has been reported in the
>> project and if necessary to still be able to move this issue to another
>> active project. This action should be limited to users with
>> administrator/manager rights.
> I have gone ahead and implemented this feature. At the moment it just
> prevents users with a role less then managers from logging into
> archived projects. A manager or admin could still create an issue (but
> hey they should know better).
> You can see the change here, and since it is a fairly simple change
> merge it into your installation:
>> I hope this gives you a clearer picture of what feature I'm asking
>> about.
>> So back to my question about the current solution (we are running
>> version 2.1.1), is the only way to do as I wrote?
>> 1. Mark project as archived
>> 2. Unmark all users with access to the old projects to avoid mistakes
>> reporting issues to the old ones.
> Yes, without the patch I just made this would be the only way.
> Best Regards,

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