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From:Mike Reid Date:September 12 2009 12:51am
Subject:Can't Close an issue with Customer Integration Backend enabled
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Hi all,

I am having problems closing an issue when I have the Customer Integration Backend
enabled. When attempting to close an issue by pressing the close issue button, the "Close
Issue" page does not appear. If I turn off customer integration the close works fine. 

I assumed that I had erred in the implementation of the customer integration, but I
reproduced the problem after creating a new eventum directory and using the Default
project and the Example customer module provided.  I activated customer support on the
default project, created a test issue- added a customer, and tried to close the issue
without success. 

I am just wondering if anyone can reproduce the above, or hopefully point me in the right
direction to fix my problem?


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Can't Close an issue with Customer Integration Backend enabledMike Reid12 Sep
  • Re: Can't Close an issue with Customer Integration Backend enabledBryan Alsdorf14 Sep