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From:M  IN BLR SISL Srivathsan Date:September 10 2009 4:05am
Subject:FW: linking to Eventum pages & creating issues
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For the records.  By mistake I sent it only to Justin.

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From: Srivathsan, M IN BLR SISL
Sent: Thu, 10-Sep-2009 09:34
To: 'Justin Putney'
Subject: RE: linking to Eventum pages & creating issues


I also toyed with a similar idea sometime back but aborted it for the following reasons:

1. The reporter of the issue need to be tracked reliably.  If it is also going to be based
on the info passed through URL GET variables, we are opening up possibilities for hacking
and a lot of junk / spam issues created

2. There seems to be a way of creating issues through emails.  I should admit that I have
not played with this feature but from quite a few discussion threads I could see that
emails could be sent "to" Eventum which would then capture them as issues.  This is
definitely much more reliable and safer than the URL GET params ways, I believe.

Thanks and rgds,

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From: Justin Putney [mailto:justin.putney@stripped]
Sent: Thu, 10-Sep-2009 08:47
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Subject: linking to Eventum pages & creating issues

Is there a way to link to "create issue" with an absolute URL just the way
it's done with email? Ideally, I'd like to be able to populate some of the
fields with the URL string.

For example, something like:

I'm also curious if there's a way link directly to a project or an issue
using a URL string (from outside Eventum).

FW: linking to Eventum pages & creating issuesM  IN BLR SISL Srivathsan10 Sep