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From:Jos v.d. Voort v.d. Kleij Date:September 2 2009 7:06pm
Subject:Not sending to notification list
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I am having a problem sending emails out from an issue.

I receive an email into Eventum and it gets assigned to two users.

My notification list on the issue has:

    * the mailaddress of the person we received from
    * the mailaddress it was sent to (this is the mailaddress we
      received the mail from in the system)
    * the mail address of person 1 assigned
    * the mail address of person 2 assigned

when I mail from the issue, the mail is not sent. The notification list 
is empty after "members:". I have looked in the database with phpmyadmin 
and cannot find the mail in the database. It is not there pending or so. 
I can see the mails that have gone out when the issue was created and I 
know for a fact that they have been mailed out as I have confirmation 
from the person who mailed in the issue.

Is this a setup issue or does it have to do with below:

I did have an issue where mails were blocked. See this issue

Can it have something to do with this?

Please advise.

Jos van der Voort

Jos v.d. Voort v.d. Kleij
Kievitstraat 2
7523 ZS  Enschede

053 - 789 1365
06 - 5159 9882

Not sending to notification listJos v.d. Voort v.d. Kleij2 Sep