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From:Bryan Alsdorf Date:September 1 2009 3:09pm
Subject:Re: Problem with English Language
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M S wrote:
> Hi All,
> I installed Eventum on a german Windows 2003. Now Eventum is being shown in german,
> so I changed the 'APP_GETTEXT_MODE' parameter from Native to PHP. The problem remains
> there.
> This is my config.php
> define('APP_DEFAULT_LOCALE', 'en_US');
> // 'native' or 'php'. Try native first, if you experience strange issues
> // such as language switching randomly, try php
> define('APP_GETTEXT_MODE', 'PHP');
> I noticed also there is no folder for english language with under
> \misc\localization\...

No folder is needed as English is what is defined in the source code.

> What am I doing wrong and how can fix that problem?

I actually am not very familiar with localization on windows but I will do my best. The 
source code checks that a locale is installed before using the language. My guess is you 
only have the German locale installed, try installing the english locale. Or you can go 
into class.language.php and remove the code that checks if a locale is available.

Best Regards,
Bryan Alsdorf, Lead Web Developer
Monty Program, AB.
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