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From:Christiaan Kortekaas Date:August 19 2009 6:05am
Subject:Eventum Solr plugin
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Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has written a plugin to put all the eventum issue
data into an Apache Solr index and keep it in sync?

This would help with scaling (we have over 400k eventum issues and >3
million full text emails) and allow for faceting (see a site like or for how great
search faceting can be) and much more powerful command line style searches.

No offence meant to MySQL on this, as they are not the same types of systems
­ but Solr is great for search performance and features with a MySQL Innodb
backend as the authoritative source. This is how we run the Fez software
( which itself its loosely based around Eventum
code (though we are using Zend DB rather than Pear DB these days ­ PDO is

In Fez we¹ve found it a much better solution than MySQL ISAM Œfulltext¹
indexes and means we can switch our tables over to the Innodb storage engine
which seems to be the better MySQL option for very large amounts of content
(no myisam repairs needed anymore).

The solr index isnt a replacement for the eventum_issue* tables, its just
another streamlined index copy that keeps in sync with the data. The fez
code that does this could be applied to eventum pretty easily if anyone was

If not we will be asked to do it for own on internal needs at some point,
but I feel these features would greatly benefit all Eventum installations.
Anyone else had thoughts on this?

Christiaan Kortekaas

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