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From:M  IN BLR SISL Srivathsan Date:August 11 2009 5:03am
Subject:RE: Change front page for users
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The way I accomplished this is by replacing all "main.php" within
<Eventum-path>/select_project.php.  Search for "Auth::redirect(...)" calls and
change "main.php" to "list.php".

Thanks and rgds,

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From: Bryan Alsdorf [mailto:bryan@stripped]
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Subject: Re: Change front page for users


Can Göymen wrote:
> I just wondered if I can change front page like customer integrated project?
> After logining into eventum, if I choose customer integrated project then I
> reach front page that customer_report.tpl.html. When I select a normal
> project, list issues page is opening. Is there anyone have any idea about
> how I can change this first page?

The list issues page isn't default for any project I don't think. If you want to change
the contents of the default page (main.php) edit the template main.tpl. Or in main.php you
can redirect to another page.

Best Regards,
Bryan Alsdorf, Lead Web Developer
Monty Program, AB.

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