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From:Jerry Date:August 4 2009 12:16pm
Subject:email based routing
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 When I enabled email based routing, i got this email in my inbox;


An error was found on line '122' of script

The error message passed to us was:

'Validation failed for: "[Midcom Tickets] Midcom Tickets" <

A more detailed error message follows:


A backtrace is available:


  Mail_Queue->add((string )'"Administrator" <jerry.joram@stripped>',
(array )Array, (string )'This is an automated message sent at your request
from Eventum.

A new issue was just created in the system. To view more details of this
issue, or to update it, please visit the following URL:


                ID: 16

           Summary: bug

           Project: Midcom Tickets

       Reported By: Administrator

        Assignment: Administrator

          Priority: Medium



testing email based routing


Please Note: If you do not wish to receive any future email notifications
from Eventum, please change your account preferences by visiting the URL
below:', true, (integer )16,
(string )'new_issue', true, true)


  Mail_API->send((string )'"[Midcom Tickets] Midcom Tickets" <
jerry.joram@stripped@jerry.joram@stripped>', (string
)'Administrator <jerry.joram@stripped>', (string )'[#16] New Issue
Assigned: bug', true, (integer )16, (string )'new_issue', true, true)


  Notification::notifySubscribers((integer )16, (array )Array, (string
)'new_issue', (array )Array, (string )'New Issue', true, true, (array


  Notification::notifyNewIssue((integer )1, (integer )16)



That happened on page '/midcom_tickets/new.php' from IP Address
'' coming from the page (referrer) ''.

The user agent given was 'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1;
.NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; InfoPath.2)'.


Sincerely yours,

Automated Error_Handler Class

Kind Regards;

Ochieng Jerry Joram
Mob: (256) 703960019
Look for opportunities, not guarantees. Hope for the best. -- Johann
Wolfgang von Goethe

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