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From:Harri Porten Date:July 16 2009 1:34pm
Subject:Re: Some E-Mails not being accepted
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Hello Barry,

On Wed, 15 Jul 2009, Barry-Home wrote:

> Remember that email addresses must match exactly what is in the creators, 
> assigned, notification, and authorized repliers, and that customer@ 
> does **NOT** match customer@*my*
> We are constantly battling this one.

Thanks for the reply. This indeed a trap to watch out for but we have 
disabled the check for authorized repliers completely some time ago. 
Everybody (including spammers...) is allowed to sent in e-mail. It's about 
1% of e-mails where this does not work, though. It must be something in 
the headers that the (PEAR?) code does not like.

If this problem does not ring a bell with anyone we'll whether we can find 
the reason by plastering the code with debug output until we have found 
the reason.

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