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From:Bryan Alsdorf Date:July 14 2009 6:03am
Subject:Re: Eventum
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agustin.descalzi@stripped wrote:
> Hi, 
> I have a doubt when upgrading Eventum. Where I work, we work with
> Eventum, but is 1.6.1 version (very old) so we are evaluating if it is
> convenient or not to upgrade it to the 2.2 version.
> To upgrade Eventum, we have to upgrade each version let's say, but, how
> do we upgrade it? Running only the scripts from the folder
> misc/upgrade/(the version folder) is correct? Or we have to something
> else?

The instructions on are fairly complete. You

will have to run the individual upgrade processes for each version change.

As always please backup your data and your files before upgrading, a lot has changed 
between those two versions.