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From:Bryan Alsdorf Date:June 22 2009 6:20am
Subject:Re: Eventum Groups
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Srivathsan, M IN BLR SISL wrote:
> Hi,
> Sadly for me, Eventum Group funda has been designed to be exclusive.  If only this
> was not the case, i.e., if an Eventum User could be a member of more than 1 (Eventum)
> group, it would be have made many of my solutions easier.

Unfortunately when I implemented groups I was doing it in a hurry to reach a certain goal 
and didn't anticipate the need for multiple groups. It is something I would like to see 
fixed, but I don't know when I will get around to it.

I welcome any patches that change this, and would be happy to be involved in the design 

Best Regards,
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