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From:M  IN BLR SISL Srivathsan Date:June 21 2009 11:02am
Subject:RE: Eventum Groups
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Sadly for me, Eventum Group funda has been designed to be exclusive.  If only this was not
the case, i.e., if an Eventum User could be a member of more than 1 (Eventum) group, it
would be have made many of my solutions easier.

So, as a workaround, we used to create an Email Distribution List (say
payroll.eventum@stripped), make it a "pseudo" Eventum user and also the
concerned User Group Manager (in Eventum; in my case "Payroll").  So, whenever a ticket is
assigned to the Payroll group, whoever is part of the Distribution List (this is outside
Eventum, @ the Exchange Server), they get notified by email.  Then the real assignment
could be done either by the concerned User (> "Standard User") or by the Manager.

A bit ugly and round-about but somewhat serves the purpose.


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Yes, groups are exclusive in Eventum (you can see this in the `eventum_user`
table), so a user can be in at most one group.  Similarly, if you can't be
/in/ more than one group, it wouldn't make sense to manage more than one

Michael Diamond

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 1:55 PM, Marc Rantanen <marc.rantanen@stripped
> wrote:

> Hi, is it possible to be a member in multiple groups in eventum.
> When I assign a user to a specific group and want to assign the same user
> to another group I can't select this user. The same happens if I what a user
> to be manager for multiple groups.
> How is eventum designed to work?
> Best regards,
> Marc Rantanen
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