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From:M  IN BLR SISL Srivathsan Date:May 30 2009 5:18am
Subject:RE: Account permission troubles
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I feel that the present behaviour of Eventum 2.x is the right one as "Managers" should not
be fiddling with System Settings.  Hence all the more they should not be able to promote
themselves or others as Admins; if that is possible then it would be a kind of security
breach also.

One other observation - If you are an admin to any of the Projects and a Manager in
another, then you could switch to that Project wherein you are an Admin and then promote
yourself as an Admin in the second project also.

This again, in my humble opinion is a security violation but there are ways to avoid this
easily.  One way is to completely secure the Admin login to one or two folks who would be
responsible to tweak the System Settings (like Managing Custom Fields, General Settings
etc) and give a max. of Manager privs to others.

Thanks and rgds,

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From: Jesse Crawford [mailto:jessjessc@stripped]
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Subject: Account permission troubles

I'm having a simple but very annoying problem with Eventum 2.2. I just set
up Eventum today and have set up two users. Problem is, I've discovered just
now that both users are managers. Since we're both managers we can't promote
either of us to admin, and we can't change system settings!
I poked around in the database but didn't see on cursory inspection where
user permissions are stored. A little searching turned up that this might be
a problem in certain 1.x versions but got nothing about 2.x versions.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Jesse Crawford

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