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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:October 26 2004 2:23pm
Subject:RE: Email trouble
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> Even after clearing out the list, these emails are still being added
> every time eventum checks the account for new emails.
> Looking at the emails, they're both pretty much the same spam, with
> names changed.  So there's something about the format of these emails
> that Eventum doesn't like.  You can see these emails at 
> and
> We use POP3 to check the account, and keep the messages on the server,
> and have it set up to only poll unread emails.

Strange. Could you check if those two messages are marked as unread on the

Eventum is supposed to download the message, and then mark the email as read,
which would prevent it from downloading it again. However, I can quickly see
that on each of those spam messages, there are two different Message-ID:
headers, which might be confusing Eventum.

I'll try to reproduce this in the meantime.


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