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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:October 24 2004 3:00am
Subject:RE: PHP 5 - Mysql 4.1
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> I am trying to install Eventum on a XP box with Apache 2, MySql 4.1,
> and PHP 5.  Php_mysql.dll does not appear to play nice with the 4.1
> libmysql.dll.  I get the wonderful "cannot load dynamic library". 
> Everything works nice if I use mysql v3 client lib.  I was going to
> use mysqli but eventum won't fly since mysql_query among others is no
> longer an option.

Sorry about this, but Eventum doesn't currently support PHP5, so even if you get
PHP to play nice with the new client library, Eventum will still not work
correctly because of some PEAR libraries that we use that are not compatible
with PHP5.

This might be fixed in the future, but to be honest with you this is not a high
priority thing for us.


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