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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:May 3 2004 2:59pm
Subject:RE: Problem closing Issue using close button
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> I  was wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue to this. I was
> not able to close an issue by using the Close button on the Issue details
> page. It resulted in the error attached below (which appears to be missing
> an iss_res_id field). I was able to effectively close the issue by using
> the "change status to" button to "released". Is this a problem with the
> current eventum system (I am sychronised with the current eventum-20040430
> release) or perhaps something local to my system?

Sorry about that. A patch was missing in the GPL repository of Eventum, and
I fixed that last friday. If you download the latest bitkeeper snapshot, and
replace the file /path-to-eventum/templates/en/close.tpl.html with the one
from the snapshot, this problem will be fixed.


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