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From:Todd.Morgan Date:April 26 2004 11:55am
Subject:RE: How do you configure Issue Reminders?
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Thanks for the help Joao,
I used the patch you supplied and I got everything working ... I noticed
all the other changes that you had made to the codebase so I manually
migrated all the other tables and data across to use it for myself.

Keep up the good work I really like the changes you have been making.

 Todd,Sorry for taking so long to reply to your email. I marked it as read
 anddidn't notice that I never replied to you.</snip>> 'DB Error: syntax
 error'>This bug was fixed and pushed to the bitkeeper repo.> so I don't
 know if this is the problem or merely a coincidence (as I think> I was
 deleting the existing reminder and starting over).>> Any thoughts?>> Does
 this functionality work in the 1.1 Dev build? or am I doing something>
 wrong again?While the database error was a definite problem, the reminder
 systemwouldn't work unless you run a cron job to check for triggered
 issues.Here's what we use in our production environment:*/10 * * * * cd
 path-to-eventum/misc; /usr/bin/php check_reminders.phpThat will execute
 the check_reminders.php script every 10 minutes, and itwill take care of
 sending any reminders, if appropriate.Be warned that we changed the
 database schema for this feature since yourlast email, so you will need to
 update the schema with the attached SQLsnipplet.Please let me know if you
 still have any problems.--Joao
(See attached file: reminder_system.sql)

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