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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 28 2004 9:50am
Subject:RE: Multiple-owners or templates for (sub-)ticket?
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> We sometimes have tasks where several people all have to do small
> things i.e. one has to register an ip range, another to configure a
> router and a third to do some wireing. Those things can and should
> be done parallel!  How should our manager create such a ticket?
> - create 3 small tickets
> - create one ticket and assign it to a category. This would mean that
>   our three (out of mayber 9) guys cannot lock the ticket alltogether
>   and maybe 2 are starting one of the processes
> - create one ticket with 3 "work orders"/"subtickets" (which seem not
>   be possible or am I missing something)

It's up to you. You could create three different tickets, and track the work
of your staff on each of them, or you could just create one big ticket and
assign it to three persons. Personally, I would create three different


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