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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 28 2004 9:39am
Subject:RE: Updating multiple issues from the list screen?
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> So, I would be more than happy to contribute although it will
> have to wait a
> little bit as I am in the midst of a hell project which is how I came to
> discover eventum in the first place. In the meantime, can you point me to
> any kind of docs, api docs, wikkis, code standards, class docs, best
> practices, threads, or whatever, that I could use to wrap my brain around
> eventum?

There are no developer-related documentation right now. If you wanted to,
I'm sure you could use phpDocumentor or some other similar third party
project to generate API documentation for the classes that Eventum
implements. With regards to code standards, we use the PEAR standards as
much as possible, and you read them online in the URL below:

Aside from that, your best option is to browse the eventum-devel@ list for
communication between Bryan Alsdorf, Clay Loveless and I. Clay was recently
sending a lot of patches to us, so we discussed a few things related to how
we expect new contributions from the community to work.


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