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From:Christian Hammers Date:September 27 2004 2:45pm
Subject:Multiple-owners or templates for (sub-)ticket?
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We sometimes have tasks where several people all have to do small
things i.e. one has to register an ip range, another to configure a
router and a third to do some wireing. Those things can and should
be done parallel!  How should our manager create such a ticket?

- create 3 small tickets
- create one ticket and assign it to a category. This would mean that
  our three (out of mayber 9) guys cannot lock the ticket alltogether
  and maybe 2 are starting one of the processes
- create one ticket with 3 "work orders"/"subtickets" (which seem not
  be possible or am I missing something)



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Multiple-owners or templates for (sub-)ticket?Christian Hammers27 Sep
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