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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 25 2004 6:50am
Subject:RE: Questions/Upgrade Issues
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> What are the steps I would need to take to move this system to a different
> directory?

All you need to do is rename the directory to just 'eventum', and then fix
the file to have 'eventum' in the APP_PATH constant

> 2. Same question, except what if I was also going to change my
> server from my
> test box to a production server in the future, and also change
> the MySQL server
> from my test box to a production server.

If you will move eventum from one box to another, you have to make sure that
you have the required modules in the new box. If you have everything that is
needed, zip up the eventum directory and copy over to the new server.

For the database side of it, it should be just as easy. Just dump the
eventum database into a file, move over to the new box, and import it in the
new database over there. Please be aware that will be still
referencing the database name from your old box, so either use the same
database name, or use a new one and fix the APP_SQL_DBNAME constant in

> 1. What kind of output should I expect to see when I run the
> upgrade scripts
> because there appeared to be a fair amount of output to the screen?
> (Unfortunately, I do not have the output of those attempts available.)

There should be almost no output, besides a line saying "done" or
"complete". If you get more than that, please send the error messages over
to us.

> After I ran the upgrades following the steps above, I went into
> Eventum and did
> notice the changes in the management portion.  Unfortunately, I
> also noticed
> some changes such as, when I went to the issue listing page, none
> of my issues
> where listed.

I would wait until 1.3.2 so you can try again the upgrade process. Quite a
few of little problems were found, so we are still ironing out any upgrade
issues. Another user also reported this "empty issue listing page" problem,
but we didn't find what is the cause yet.


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