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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 25 2004 6:50am
Subject:RE: Items I have had feedback on
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Sorry for the delay in replying to your message. I guess I originally marked
it as read and forgot to reply. Anyway, answers below...

> 1. (I think this is already in the works) An ability to have an integrated
> contacts list.  Especially a list which could be used to easily
> add entries in
> places like the phone call logging.

You mean like a quick way to select who called you/who you called ? That
sounds like a good idea! I'll add that to our (growing) TODO list.

> 2. A single page were you could enter time worked on any
> project/issue instead
> of having to go to each individual issue.

Funny that you mention this. There was a similar suggestion from another
user a couple of weeks ago, and I originally thought that this wasn't
something that most community users would need, and hence would eventually
become extra complexity. I'll have to re-think my position.

> 3. A single page where you can view all phone calls made,
> searchable by To Who,
> From Who, etc.

Can you be a little more specific on this one? Maybe give an example of why
you need this?

> 4. An ability to link a project to a specific contact. (Allowing
> to track by
> contact and also to easily add your contacts to the notification list)

This is starting to sound like a way to integrate Eventum with a customer
backend, which just became possible with release 1.3.

> 5. A page (especially for managers) that lets a user see the last projects
> touched since the last time they logged in (both assigned to them and not
> assigned to them).

Yes, we have something like this in our TODO list already -- a
dashboard-like page in which you could see general statistical information
like that. It would be a kind of extension to the current Profile/Stats

> 6. The ability to move an issue from one Project to another Project.

That is also in our TODO list, and I think we should have this done by
release 2.0. The problem here is not as simple to solve as it may seem, as a
_lot_ of customized fields are dynamic in nature, and the values associated
with an issue may not be appropriate under a different project.

> 7. A few overall pages that are not limited to Project at all.
> (i.e. See Phone
> calls made, Time Sheet Page, etc.)

Can you be a little more specific here, please?

> By they way, I also would love to see a way to have projects
> marked as Dependent
> on other projects completion.

Do you mean an issue being dependent on another issue, or the whole project
(collection of issues)? If you really mean a project, can you please be more
specific, and give some examples?


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