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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 25 2004 6:50am
Subject:RE: Importing e-mails from .qmail-file
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> OK; just to clarify, what I want to do is to _only_ insert mails as
> tickets from
> the .qmail file, and not by emptying a POP3/IMAP mailbox (if this is
> possible).

Ah, ok. In that case, all you need to do is setup the email routing
interface (the qmail trick) and you should be all set.

> Let's say I have an e-mail address called helpdesk@stripped,
> I have a .qmail-helpdesk file from which I want to run the email
> router script
> of Eventum so that when someone sends mail to "helpdesk@stripped",
> they get
> a response (from helpdesk@stripped) and an automated ticket
> assignment.

No, that's not what the email routing stuff does. For that to work
correctly, it will make you use emails such as helpdesk-1234@stripped,
where the "1234" in there is the issue id.

> Is it sufficient to only fill in the stuff above, or do I ALSO need to
> create an
> "Email account" under "Manage email accounts"? If so, how do I
> associate the
> helpdesk@stripped ADDRESS with a given EMAIL ACCOUNT? I mean,
> I could have
> "helpdesk@stripped", "bugs@stripped", and
> "biling@stripped" and
> want to handle them in Eventum.

You also need an email account, unfortunately. This is a sticky issue in how
the email integration works -- we have emails, which are associated with
email accounts, which are then associated to projects, which go to the
issues. This mapping of emails and accounts need to be reworked in the
future, but for now I'm afraid you will need an email account, even if it is
a dummy one. Sorry about that.

> I tried doing this, but got all kinds of weird errors about not
> being able to
> find a username and/or e-mail address matching the recipient of
> the e-mail,
> etc. etc. etc. I think I've seen just about every kind of error
> message that
> Eventum is capable of displaying :-) :-)

I would need the actual error message to know what to say to you.


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