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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 25 2004 6:49am
Subject:RE: customer api problem
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> The customer integration checks are only checking if customer
> integration is
> turned on. Whereas it should also check if a method has been defined to
> override it.

Well, not really. In theory you should be creating your new customer backend
class and making it a sub-class of the Abstract_Customer_Backend class, like

  class Example_Customer_Backend extends Abstract_Customer_Backend

If you do this, then any unimplemented method will just be going to the
empty method in the abstract class, so no error/blank page should be
triggered. Are you extending the abstract class?

This sounded extra strange because Bryan took the extra time when we were
releasing 1.3 to make sure that these backend pieces always had a fall-back
method to rely on, and avoid exactly this problem of half-implemented


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