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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 25 2004 6:49am
Subject:RE: Using custom fields for issue listing
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> Is it possible to use custom fields defined for a project within the "list
> issues" screen, both for searching/filtering and as table columns? Though
> I'm quite "in love" with Eventum, this is definitely a "must have" to meet
> our needs. Any source code hacks I can do to accomplish that?

Sorry for the delay in responding, first of all. It is not possible right
now to use custom fields to filter for issues, or to display them in the
issue listing screen. You could of course create this feature yourself, but
it isn't something trivial.

There was a patch from Andrew Berman here on eventum-users@ (message from
june 8th) that might be of interest. We didn't merge that patch yet for lack
of time (it could be a little bit cleaner), and also for legal reasons (too
big of a patch, so it requires a copyright document).

> BTW: how does "Customize Issue Listing Screen" work? I haven't
> been able to
> figure out what it does.

That page allows you to create rules that will specify what content should
be displayed in the "Status Change Date" column on the issue listing screen.
Since the list of status can be changed dynamically from the administration
section of Eventum, we need a dynamic way to say "When an issue is set to
status 'Released', display the elapsed time since the 'Closed Date' field".


RE: Using custom fields for issue listingJoao Prado Maia25 Sep