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From:Harri Porten Date:September 17 2007 1:38pm
Subject:Shrinking the database
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We've sucessfully been using Eventum for a while now. Over time the 
database has grown to a size of 5.8 GB. Disk space is cheap but I'm still 
considering to clean up the database a little - at least to make backups 
smaller and faster.

The biggest tables are eventum_mail_queue (3.2 GB) and 
eventum_issue_attachment_file (704 MB).

Can I simply delete all messages from mail_queue assuming that the mails 
we sent out are still present as part of the issue they are associated 

I'd also like to delete some of the biggest attachments without messing 
two much with the tables. I thought of replacing them with a placeholder 
that says "This attachment has been deleted". But I need to get the size 
(varchar(32)?) etc. right.

Shrinking the databaseHarri Porten17 Sep
  • Re: Shrinking the databaseBryan Alsdorf17 Sep