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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 23 2004 9:52am
Subject:RE: Nothing in "Status Change Date" field
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> I could not find anything in the "Administration" area that would change
> this field to work, so I am assuming that either it has not been
> implemented (though your screen shots of older version of Eventum appears
> to have this field filled in) or I am not turning something on...or there
> might be a bug.

You can use the 'Customize Issue Listing Screen' to define which date fields
should be used for each status. Since the list of statuses are dynamic, you
need to define this information yourself.

> Also, I see that Customer integration was added in 1.3, however,
> it appears
> there are no front end method to add/modify customers. I presume
> this is in
> the pipeline for future version (it would be very helpful!) and will be
> integrated into the email system (which we are also testing).

I don't think so. It is a good thing to keep Eventum focused on being a good
issue/bug tracker, and adding features to manage customers would prevent
that from happening. I would rather leave customer management to an external
application, and I would expect that most companies would already have a CRM
tool setup to handle these things. The whole reasoning behind the Customer
API is to allow people to 'plug' Eventum to their existing CRM tools.


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