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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 22 2004 4:21pm
Subject:RE: Importing e-mails from .qmail-file
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> 1) Have mail sent to helpdesk@stripped inserted as a ticket
> into the system

You need to configure your email server in such a way that all emails sent
to helpdesk@ are saved in a specific folder. Then create an IMAP/POP3 email
account in Eventum, and setup a cron job to regularly download emails saved
in that folder.

> 2) Have the sending user receive an automated ticket response

The sending user can receive an automated response, but you will need to
create a ticket for the email in order for this to happen. See the
'Auto-Creation of Issues' link after you create your email account above.

> 3) Have this done so that the "filter" is invokved via the
> .qmail-file (this
> lessens the load on the system, instead of having to have cron
> handle this).

If you want to have qmail process emails sent to a specific address, then
the email routing feature is exactly what you want. It will handle emails
sent to a specific address like issue-1234@stripped, but you need
to setup qmail to make this happen.

Have qmail run the /path-to-eventum/misc/route_emails.php script, passing
the associated email account as the first argument to that, and pass the
full email as standard input.


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