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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 22 2004 10:26am
Subject:RE: Setting up an MTA for route_emails.php
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> It looks like it is failing the regex in the script because of the +
> in the address (which I think someone else on the list ran into).  The
> problem is, I can't find any other way to do wildcard matches in the
> /etc/aliases file.  I know this is more of a sendmail question than an
> eventum question, but I've been googling for two days and am tired...
> :-)  Does anyone have a working config for sendmail to handle the
> route_emails.php script?  If not, I *might* be able to switch to
> postfix, but there are other processes using our existing mail
> setup... so I would like to avoid disturbing anyone elses processes if
> possible.

Hmm, having a plus sign in the email address prefix would indeed break

Try changing the following line on /path-to-eventum/misc/route_emails.php:

  $prefix = $setup['email_routing']['address_prefix'];


  $prefix = str_replace('+', '\+',

Let me know if that works and I will include that fix in the next release of


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