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From:Devananda Date:September 17 2004 2:24pm
Subject:error when using Mozilla
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I recently installed Eventum and think it's great. However, a large 
percentage of the people in Neopets use mozilla (on windows and linux) 
and there seems to be a problem. After the first login cookie expires, 
we are having trouble logging in ever again. When I switch to IE, there 
is no problem, so I do not believe it is a problem with the install or 
setup of eventum. The error message being displayed when using mozilla 
is this:

*Your session has expired. Please login again to continue.

*This seems to be coming from main.php. In the order that pages are 
processed, mozilla seems to go passed login.php every time, but not 
passed main.php. It prompts us to login over and over again, and once in 
a while it will allow us to view a page inside Eventum, but as soon as 
we navigate to another page, we need to log in again, and it doesn't 
work. Note that I have not had any prolems with Mozilla besides this.

I think this would be easy to duplicate. Install Mozilla, log in to 
eventum (works fine the first time) then after the cookie expires, try 
to log in again.

Neopets, Inc
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