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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 15 2004 2:20pm
Subject:RE: ticket re-open
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> We're currently looking very hard at eventum as a replacement for our current
> customer support ticketing system, and it's inherent Windows/MSSQL/IE
> dependancy.
> I have a number of "issues" with eventum, but will try to keep things down to
> one per mail.
> Firstly, I've got email routing setup up, and email replies are associated
> correctly. But if someone has closed an issue, and a customer replies later
> on the issue isn't re-opened.
> While it's possible to see the email on the "Associate Emails" page, in
> reality that will get missed, so it'd be nice if the issue was re-opened.
> Would it be a simple matter of setting iss_sta_id back to the default status
> of the project the issue is a member of, if the sta_is_closed != 0?

I'm not sure what Eventum version you are using, but if it is 1.3 you can use
the new Workflow API to setup Eventum to do whatever you want when it receives a
new email or note, for instance.

This is what we do in our internal workflow class, method handleNewEmail():

            $staff_emails = Project::getUserEmailAssocList($prj_id, 'active',
            $staff_emails = array_map('strtolower', $staff_emails);

            // change the status of the issue automatically to 'Waiting on
Developer' if a non-staff person is sending this email
            $status_id = Status::getStatusID('Waiting on Developer');
            if ((!empty($status_id)) && ($current_status_id !=
Status::getStatusID('Pending'))) {
                if (!in_array($sender_email, $staff_emails)) {
                    $this->markAsWaitingOnDeveloper($issue_id, $status_id,

This way, if the issue is currently set to _any_ status other than 'Pending', it
will change it to 'Waiting on Developer', which is our way of saying that it
needs attention from a support staff member.

You can use something pretty close to that to setup your auto-status-change

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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