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From:Todd.Morgan Date:March 23 2004 3:08am
Subject:How do you configure Issue Reminders?
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Hi Folks,
        I was trying to configure some issue reminders and I have not been 
able to get a single notification occuring (so I'm thinking I must be 
doing something wrong again).

I have email all configured and working, several projects, users and 
issues. I receive email notifications for new issues and the like but what 
I really want is a "push" reminder in case I forgot.

I have attempted to configure the server using the following technique
Manage Issue Reminders
created a new issue "age of issue" with the following constraints
project specified - with ALL Issues (several are listed within the list - 
but greyed out)
Action Email assignee - Rank 1 (no other items)
Condition Field - created date, operator (greater or equal than) value (1)

Which yielded the following SQL

AND (UNIX_TIMESTAMP() - IFNULL(UNIX_TIMESTAMP(iss_created_date), 0)) >= 

executing this SQL directly against the DB yields the same two items as 
mentioned above.

This was done yesterday ...(over 24 hours ago) and the issues were created 
several days ago yet I have not received any notifications.

I was creating the reminder earlier in the day and I received this 


An error was found at 03/23/2004 13:02:55 (1080007375) on line '126' of 
script 'c:\apache\htdocs\eventum\include\class.reminder_condition.php'.

The error message passed to us was:

'DB Error: syntax error'

A more detailed error message follows:

                    rlc_last_updated_date='2004-03-23 02:02:55',
                    rlc_id=3 [nativecode=1064 ** You have an error in your 
SQL syntax.  Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server 
version for the right syntax to use near 'rlc_rmo_id=8

That happened on page '/eventum/manage/reminder_conditions.php' from IP 
Address '' coming from the page (referrer) 

so I don't know if this is the problem or merely a coincidence (as I think 
I was deleting the existing reminder and starting over).

Any thoughts?

Does this functionality work in the 1.1 Dev build? or am I doing something 
wrong again?

ciao and thanks

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