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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 14 2004 2:38pm
Subject:RE: authentication against mysql.user
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>     All of my users are real MySQL users.  I'm interested in using
> Eventum and having it authenticate against mysql.user instead of its own
> table so users and passwords don't have to be stored twice.  Anyone done
> this or know how?
>     Is it simply a modification of class.auth.php to look at the
> mysql.user table instead?  Does this "if ($passwd != md5($password))"
> work on that table or is there some other encryption or some other
> function to use to authenticate agains MySQL?

I'm not quite sure this would be possible, as Eventum accounts are authenticated
against email addresses. So in order for this to work, you would either need to
store the email address in mysql.user.User column, or change the authentication
code to parse emails and retrieve the username from it, which is kind of a hack
and error prone.

And in MySQL the encryption function used on the mysql.user.Password column is
PASSWORD(), so you will need to do the checking at query time (or select the
encrypted value and check against the stored one).

Hope that helps,
Joao Prado Maia

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