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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 13 2004 1:40pm
Subject:RE: Error with login.php
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> After logging in I get to a blank login.php.  I went into
> and enabled errors and now I get this[1].  Any ideas?
> Searching the list didn't reveal much.  I know what the problem is but
> don't see what is starting a send command first.
> JT
> [1] Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent
> by (output started at
> c:\hosting\webhost4life\member\circlejtp\eventum\
> in c:\hosting\webhost4life\member\circlejtp\eventum\include\class.auth.php
> on line 311

This is a very strange error message, since only has 144 lines. I
see that you are using a web hosting company for your website. Would it be
possible that this company is adding some auto_prepend code and that might be
interferring with Eventum?

If not, could you tell me what is on line 153 of Also, what is
your PHP version?


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