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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 11 2004 4:28am
Subject:Eventum 1.3 Released
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Eventum is a user-friendly and flexible issue tracking system that can be used
by a support department to track incoming technical support requests, or by a
software development team to quickly organize tasks and bugs. Eventum is used by
the MySQL AB Technical Support team, and has allowed us to dramatically improve
our response times.

I'm proud to announce that Eventum 1.3 is now available for download in source
form from our download pages at
and mirror sites.

Note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point in time - if you
can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later or choose another
download site.

Please read the UPGRADE file for instructions on how to upgrade your existing
Eventum installation.

* List of changes in this release:

- Customer integration API (João, Bryan)
- Custom Workflow API (Bryan)
- Made canned email responses be customizable in a per-project basis (João)
- Made priorities be customizable in a per-project basis (João)
- Fixed the SQL schema to avoid the mystic "Invalid default value for 'sta_id'"
error message when installing the application (João)
- Automatically add a slash in the end of the installation path to avoid
configuration problems (João)
- Fixed bug in custom field report when not graphing all options. (Bryan)
- Forced order of graph bars on custom field report to match order options are
listed in the select box. (Bryan)
- Added customer stats report. (Bryan)
- Added ability to specify which fields should be displayed on the issue
creation form. (Bryan)
- Fixed the "Forgot My Password" code to check for null results (Clay Loveless)
- Improved the form validation of the email account form (Clay Loveless)
- Fixed a bug that was preventing history entries to be created about an
assignment from an issue automatically created from an email (Clay Loveless,
- Added support for "date field is NULL" type search (João)
- Added the ability to create global custom filters (João)
- Displaying the history of reminder actions triggered for a specific issue
- Added time tracking shortcuts to the note and draft popups (João)
- Added a feature to display the assignment information for an issue when doing
IRC notifications (João)
- Added a new option to silently associate an email with an existing issue
- Clear out any email listing screen search parameters when switching the
currently selected project (João)
- Added shortcuts for the list-files and get-file CLI commands (João)
- Added a feature to include the backtrace of an error if we have access to the
debug_backtrace() function (João)
- Added note to remind people to protect their setup directories after
installation (João)
- Removed the "default notification options" feature. Too complex for something
that should be simple (João)
- Added user preference to automatically pre-fill the email signature in the
internal notes module (João)
- Fixed a bug that would continualy add "[#3333] Note: " to messages that
already have that in the subject line (João)
- Added a feature to save the issue/email listing screen search parameters in a
per-project basis, so switching projects no longer is a problem (João)
- Added a feature to allow a issue reminder to trigger a specific action and
also a IRC notification (João)
- Fixed the issue-xxxx@ code to properly ignore vacation auto-responder messages
- Improved the Mail_Queue class code to remove any Reply-To: values prior to
sending the messages out (João)
- Added some performance tweaks to a few screens (João)
- Added a feature to hide issue resolution from interface if no resolutions are
set (Bryan)
- Changed CLI 'open-issues' command to use a case insensitive search (Bryan)
- Added email notification for when issue assignment is changed (Bryan)
- Added Group support (Bryan)
- Display who performed the action when sending notification messages (Bryan)
- Changed titled of draft window to 'Create Draft' (Bryan)
- Added option to hide fields from users of a specific role on the create issue
form (Bryan)
- Added ability for issues to be 'Quarantined' when they are created (Bryan)
- Added sorting on 'Last Action Date' column (Bryan, João)
- Changed the history of changes window to dynamically hide internal-only
actions from customer users (Bryan)
- Fixed bug in the notification email code to properly display the project name
in the outgoing emails (Clay Loveless)

If you find any problems while using this software, please let us know.

Joao Prado Maia

Eventum 1.3 ReleasedJoao Prado Maia11 Sep