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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 6 2004 5:53pm
Subject:RE: Moving issues to other project?
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> Just came across Eventum today - great, compact, to the point.
> However, we'd
> want to use it also as ifc to customers (issue reporting and
> status tracking
> for them), who in turn shouldn't see all of our internal stuff. I'd be
> prepared to setup multiple projects (one for each customer), but
> we need to
> consolidate their issues internally and at least be able to move
> issues from
> customer-specific projs to internal projs. Any such thing possible? I
> couldn't figure out how to do it yet.

I'm glad you liked Eventum. Tell your friends! ;)

Now with regards to moving issues to a different project, the feature
doesn't exist yet. It makes sense in certain situations, but the process is
not as simple as it may seem. Since almost all issue attributes are
associated at a project level, moving one issue to another project would
mean manually changing all of the attributes, like associated emails, phone
calls, time tracking entries and etc to the other project. And since a lot
of the values displayed on these modules are also project-bound, then
changing an issue would mean changing all of this stuff to new "valid"

But there's some good news in the horizon. We are planning on releasing
Eventum 1.3 next week which will include a Customer API system that will
allow you to write modules that will integrate Eventum into your own CRM
database, or if you don't have one, you can still hack one together and put
your known customers in there. This way all of your customers will only see
their own issues.


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