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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:February 26 2004 2:52pm
Subject:RE: gd enable in php.ini
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> I was trying to setup eventum-20040226
> When I navigate to setup webpage I got info:
> "Configuration Error:
> The following problems regarding file and/or directory permissions were
> found:
> The GD extension needs to be enabled in your PHP.INI file in order for
> Eventum to work properly.
> Please provide the appropriate permissions to the user that the
> web server
> run as to write in the directories and files specified above.
> "


> Is it a bug?
> Marcin Slusarczyk

Yes, looks like a bug to me. Sorry about that, but there is no easy way to
dynamically figure out if the GD module is enabled or not, so I had to parse
the output of phpinfo() to check it manually.

Could you send me the HTML source output of phpinfo() so I can make an
appropriate fix to this problem? If you don't want to send me the whole HTML
source, just send the table output for the GD module, and that would be

Joao Prado Maia

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