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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:August 30 2004 4:20pm
Subject:RE: Some issues and feedback on eventum 1.2.2
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> I've been experimenting with Eventum 1.2.2 for a few days
> and like it
> very much. Overall, it's a very high quality software to be released
> under GPL and leaves the other open source issue trackers
> far behind.

I'm glad you like it. Spread the word out then :)

> 1) The "Change Status To:" quick change option in the Issue
> details view
> is available to every user level. Even Viewer and Reporter
> can change
> status of an issue with this. This must be a bug?

Strange, that functionality is hidden away on my development
environment. Maybe it was a bug that was already fixed.

> 2) I think it would be more clearer if the above option
> would contain
> closed context statuses when issue is closed and open
> statused only when
> issue is open (and not always like now). The current implementation
> allows users to re-open closed issues with one mouse click
> and without
> giving any reason for it.

Yeah, that makes sense. I'll add it to our TODO list.

> 3) Open issues can be closed with "close" button. When
> issue's status is
> closed, it would be nice if "close" button would be substituted with
> "re-open" button, which would open a similar form to "Close
> Issue". Or
> even better, one could combine these two into "Change
> Status" button.
> This would also allow users to change the status between
> open context
> statuses and give a reason for it. Currently you can only
> input a reason
> when closing an issue.

I'm not sure how you are testing this, but the "Close" button is
hidden when the issue is set to a closed-context status. I just tried
this and it worked correctly for me.

> 4) Resolution field is a bit unnecessary. At least its very
> confusing
> for new users. Also, when manually re-opening an issue, the
> resolution
> stays, and you have no way of changing or removing it (as
> the resolution
> field is not available from "Update Issue" view). The customable
> statuses are really enough, you don't need a separate
> resolution field.
> (And if some minority of Eventum users do, they can always add it
> as a custom field!)

Hmm, I'm not sure about that. We already discussed this a while back,
and there are a few users who want to have that field in there.

> 5) When an issue is assigned to multiple persons, the
> "Assign & Lock"
> button removes the assignment from everybody else but
> yourself. I can
> think of situations where one would like to lock the issue but not
> change the assignees. I think the locking feature should be an
> independent feature, allowing you to lock issues where
> you're one (or
> the only) assignee and not change anything else.

Well, the locking feature is really just a warning on top of the page,
and it's not doing anything extra. Maybe we shouldn't have the lock
thing at all, then? I got that suggestiong from a couple of internal
users here in MySQL AB, so I think that would be simpler.

> I would also like to note one strangeness regarding the
> actual eventum
> software tar. The latest official version (1.2.2) contains
> files with
> CR+LF line-endings, and in contrary the nightly builds
> contain files
> with LF line-endings. And we all know what happens when you
> diff these
> two... It would be great if the tars could be consistent in
> this matter,
> so one could easily follow the differences between
> different versions
> (both official and nightly builds) and also merge nightly
> builds in ones
> own private repository without the hassle of converting
> line endings.

Ok, I'll run dos2unix on my repository before any releases to make
sure things are correct.


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