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From:tom Date:August 25 2004 4:49pm
Subject:RE: I've been experimenting with eventum and have some questions
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One more thing I noticed today.

One on of my sample projects, the "Tentative Release Date" was yesterday. When I
go in today, the "Graphical Stats" for "Issues by Release" no longer show the
release that "expired" even though there are still outstanding issues.

Shouldn't it still display those until all the issues are "closed"?

As a side tought, the other thing I was thinking about is that if a release is
passed its Tentative Release Date and it has outstanding issues is there a way
to highlight it on the list on the left....kind of a way to draw attention to

Anyway, pulling out those lines of code worked great to get rid of the phone
call section. 

The other thing I did was I found in the code where it defines the default size
for the graphic stats and manually changed it to fit my biggest list of
statuses. Now everything fits great.

Thanks for your help!


Quoting Joao Prado Maia <jpm@stripped>:

> Tom,
> > 1) Is there a way to remove / disable the "Phone Call"
> > tracking section. It is
> > just something that I wouldn't ever use.
> >
> You can just remove the section from the template, and it won't show
> up anymore. Change view.tpl.html:
>   {include file="phone_support.tpl.html"}
>   {include file="top_link.tpl.html"}
> Remove those two lines and it will go away.
> > 2) On the profile page. Is there a way to adjust the size
> > of the graphical
> > stats? For some project, we track (and I agree its too
> > many) more than 10 - 12
> > statuses or categories. With that many elements, they don't
> > all fit on the
> > graphic. Also some of the names are too long so it covers
> > up the actual pie
> > chart.
> >
> Sorry, no. We have a TODO entry right now to improve this, and
> possibly extend the graph if it is not too much. The problem is that
> we don't want to extend the graph for a list of 300 different
> statuses..
> > 3) Is there a way to limit a user to be able to view only
> > the issues they
> > create. For example, there is a project with two
> > third-party companies each
> > working on seperate components. I would like to use one
> > "project" to organize
> > all of the tasks / issues. Each company should be able to
> > create issues and
> > view their own issues, but because of legal issues (no
> > non-disclosure
> > statements etc), they shouldn't be able to see each others.
> > Is this possible?
> >
> Sorry, no. However on the new release 1.3 that we are planning for
> September, there is a new customer API feature in which you will be
> able to set those users as customers, and then they will only see
> issues associated with their customer ids.
> > 4) I have aspell installed on the host server but I don't
> > see (and I'm probably
> > blind and am just missing it) any way to spell check an
> > issue before it is
> > submitted??
> >
> Ah, yes. The aspell feature is only used in the email form right now,
> but I guess it would make sense to add that to the issue reporting
> form as well.
> Will add to our TODO list.
> > 5) In "Administrations - Manage Statuses", what is "Closed
> > Context ?"
> >
> The closed context in there means exactly that. Since the list of
> statuses for a specific project is totally dynamic, we need a way to
> know which of the statuses are considered to mean "closed" by you.
> That is, if "On Hold" or "Cancelled" mean that they should be used in
> a closed context.
> We basically use those closed-context statuses as options in the
> "Close Issue" screen. Also, when you mark the "Hide Closed Issues"
> checkbox in the issue listing screen, issues set to these
> closed-context statuses will be hidden.
> --Joao
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