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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:August 17 2004 7:19pm
Subject:RE: Problem with per project support E-mail addresses
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> We use Eventum for all our support aliases, and create a
> new project
> for each with the alias associated as the outgoing address.
>  We have been
> having problems with this on occasion.  Specifically,
> replies that come
> from users will sometimes appear as coming from the support address:
> From: Joe User <support@...>
> This can happen for external customers, as well as other
> staff members
> which are known to Eventum, but aren't associated as staff for that
> project.  In the latter case, Eventum lists the staff
> members on the
> "Staff:" line of the notification list, even though they
> aren't staff for
> the project/issue in question.
> This becomes especially confusing when several external
> customers are on
> the notification list for a particular issue, and they see
> replies from
> one another as coming from the support alias.  This problem
> has existed in
> all previous versions, and still exists in Eventum 1.2.2.
> I consider it
> to be a critical bug that needs to be fixed before 1.3 is released.
> -phillip

This is happening by design. By re-writing the From: header to have
the email account address, we force all communications about this
issue to go through Eventum.


- original email comes in from a customer: "Customer guy
- create an issue out of it, and email goes out to notification list
as from: "Customer guy <support_mailbox@stripped>"
- when you reply to this message, it will be sent to the support
mailbox, which will be downloaded into eventum and auto-associated
with the issue that you created

So this way is the only way to make all replies to an email go to the
correct place.

If this is not done, replies will go out to the sender, and not


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