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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:August 17 2004 1:28pm
Subject:RE: CVS SCM Integration
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> I'm running eventum 1.2.2 on Apache under Win2k and almost
> everything
> works ok. The only problem I have found is with my CVS
> integration which
> sends me the mail below for every associated commit made by
> a user. The
> file changes are correctly linked to the issue, but no
> issue history is
> generated for the event.
> Any ideas what the problem might be?

Yes, a plain old bug :)

Please change line 209-210 from /path-to-eventum/include/class.scm.php
from this:

            History::add($issue_id, Auth::getUserID(),
                            'SCM Checkins associated SCM user \'' .
$HTTP_GET_VARS["username"] . '\'.');

to this:

            History::add($issue_id, APP_SYSTEM_USER_ID,
                            'SCM Checkins associated by SCM user \'' .
$HTTP_GET_VARS["username"] . '\'.');

That should do it.

Thanks for the report! We will include this fix in the next release of


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