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From:Harri Porten Date:December 13 2005 5:33pm
Subject:Blocking when routing
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From the Eventum feature description:

  * Email Routing Interface
    - Control who is authorized to send emails in each issue.
    - Blocked emails are saved as notes for later use.

Any way to turn the blocking off? Despite the possibility of spamming we'd
like to allow other senders to reply to an issue. We had to resort to
modifying the source code.

Also, what's the suggested solution to allow both support@ and
support+xxx@ style mails? We simply removed one line of code:

---   13 Dec 2005 12:51:03 -0000      1.3
+++   13 Dec 2005 17:31:22 -0000
@@ -595,7 +595,9 @@
                         return $return;
-                return false;
+               // froglogic: we want *both* issue number based routing
+               // and the plain system.
+               // return false;

I just wonder if that could have any negative impact. Works fine so far.


Blocking when routingHarri Porten13 Dec