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From:J. Steinbachs Date:March 17 2004 1:26am
Subject:re: internal notes emails
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Not quite.  The notification list has my username, perhaps one or two
other eventum users, and perhaps an external customer.  My preferences
have been set (right from the first time I logged in) so that I don't
receive email spam every time an issue is updated - no idea how the other
eventum users have configured their preferences (nor have I asked to see
if they are experiencing this problem as well).

As I said before, when I first started using eventum, I was receiving
emails from the system when an internal note was added.  That is no longer
the case.  I also do not see any option allowing me to turn it off/on.  If
I recall, it started doing this some time during the first week of March.
We are using Eventum 1.1-dev and our admin swears that he hasn't changed

And dspam is not catching them either... they just aren't arriving in my


Joao wrote:

So let's say for a typical issue, the notification list is empty then?
Since you "disabled" all of the other notification options, I'm guessing
that you did that by removing yourself from the issue notification list?

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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 19:46:38 -0500 (EST)
From: J. Steinbachs <jen@stripped>
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Subject: internal notes emails

When we started using eventum, I was receiving updates of issues when an
internal note was added.  Although there is no way to turn those off, I am
no longer receiving those updates.

(I have disabled all other updates, emails, etc.)


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