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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:October 13 2005 2:46pm
Subject:RE: 1.6.1 not downloading email
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> First, I am a new user of Eventum and so far I love
> it.  I am banging my head over what I hope is a simple
> issue.  The problem is with getting email to download
> into the association queue.  Eventum appears to
> successfully connect to my email account via pop3 (no
> errors from download_emails.php) and the account has
> new messages, however I do not get any new message
> downloading into the Associate Emails queue.

Well, a lot of things could be wrong here:

- Are you sure those messages were really not downloaded? Check directly
on the database with this SQL query:

  SELECT sup_id, sup_subject, sup_from, sup_date FROM
eventum_support_email ORDER BY sup_id DESC;

- Did you use Outlook to send those messages that are not downloaded?
The problem might be related to Outlook not setting the Message-ID
header, which makes Eventum believe that those 3 different messages are
really the same.

- Are you sure the PHP script is connecting to the server? I would spend
some time adding debugging code to the routine to see where it is
stopping execution.

If you want, join me on #eventum and we can find out
what is wrong.


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