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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:August 3 2004 2:54pm
Subject:RE: Eventum 1.2.2
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> Couple of things:
> 1) Messages sent FROM Eventum seem to be missing a valid date field.

Do you mean messages sent by using the "Send Email" button in the
bottom of the issue details screen? Or simply any message sent from
Eventum, like notification emails and etc?

> 2) There seem to be serious caching issues with Opera 7.x,
> Firefox 0.9, and
> MSIE 6SP1 (all three under Windows 2000 SP4). I have to
> manually reload pages
> and I have to empty MSIE:s cache for changes to appear.

Strange, because we are not doing anything fancy in the server-side of
things related to caching. Actually, IIRC we don't set any HTTP
headers from Eventum about caching.

> 3) It seems like associating an e-mail account with a
> project is somewhat
> odd.. if I send an email from an external address into the Eventum
> application. It properly creates a ticket/issue.. then I
> reply, from within
> Eventum (issue screen).. the e-mail is delivered to the
> external address..
> when I reply again, from the external address (without
> manually editing the
> subject line), I get a new issue (#6, the original was #5).

I'm guessing that you are using the "Issue Auto-Creation" feature? If
so, the code should check for replies and automatically associate
replies with the existing issue. Could you send me these 3 emails (if
appropriate) so I could look at their headers?

> 4) The message subject line on incoming messages needs to
> be parsed for quoted
> printables.. if I use the Swedish national characters ÅÄÖ,
> I get very odd
> looking "subjects" in Eventum :-)

Again, please send me the email message that you are getting problems
with, and I'll test it for a fix.

> Arjen, is that you I see lurking in the trees?

Eh? Who is Arjen?


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