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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 9 2005 7:29pm
Subject:RE: Log of users assigned to an issue
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> when an issue is re-assigned to another user, eventum
> stores a log of the activities that the former user
> did?.

Yes, of course. The table is called eventum_issue_history. That's what
is used to build the history of changes popup window content.

> For instance if the first user added 2 hours to the
> time tracking and the second one another three, then
> when I generate a report of the time spent per issue,
> how can I show that in this issue worked two users if
> in the eventum_issue_user table only appears the last
> user assigned?
> The report I'm trying to do look like this:
> user    issue     hours spent
> ----    -----     -----------
> user1   issue1        4
> user2   issue1        3
> and what I need to know is where I can find a list of
> users assigned to an issue, not only the users
> assigned now, but also the users that was assigned
> previously and now not.

We don't keep which users were assigned to an issue previously, but you
could try to parse that from the history of changes description. Not
pretty, but possible.


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