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From:marcin.slusarczyk Date:July 29 2004 7:21am
Subject:Re: thread expand / export
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Maybe it is problem with a browser. What browser do you use? 
I do not know what eventum version do you use. I use Eventum 1.2 and 
messages are expanding.

Marcin Slusarczyk

Message from Frantzcy Paisible <frantzcy@stripped> received on 
2004-07-28 15:58

2004-07-28 15:58

Frantzcy Paisible <frantzcy@stripped>

        To:     eventum-users@stripped
        cc:     (bcc: Marcin Slusarczyk/PLCRC/ABB)
        Subject:        thread expand / export


  I use eventum as a user. I really like it, but like 
all great things there is always something more people qould like to see 
in it.

My feature request (or feature probe) is an "expand" or "export" bouton 
for a thread. Something to allow me to see not just the message subject, 
but the message content as well. 

I would of though that the + and - icons on the ticket view page were for 
that purpose, but they don't seem to work for me.

Version is : MySQL Customer Support Center 1.7.6 (07-26-2004)


Sleep, sometime in MAY... if lucky

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